June 23, 2016

Andrijas is very experienced and knowledgeable on the driving https://bstrencontre.fr/annonce-gay-angers/ rules. He helped me to pass theory and practical at the first try, so I saved myself some cash. I recommend him without reservations to anyone who wants to get their driving licenses as quick https://bstincontri.it/rules-of-conduct/ as possible. Christopher Waul

I will recommend Andrija’s driving school to anybody. His expertise in the “driving science” guarantees that you will not only get a piece of pink plastic that licenses you to drive a car but also, and most importantly, the necessary knowledge and experience that will make you feel comfortable on the road. Andrija is a very strict teacher who gives you the best training you can get to really be safe with your driving when you’re out there on your own. He is very flexible and will do his best to meet your busy schedule and is just a very nice person with great sense of humour, and a great habit of feeding his students with sweets in the class and in the car. I passed both theory and practice on the first try. Artur Appazov

Thank you so much for your invaluable guidance extended to me in order for me to obtain the Danish driving license. Despite all the pain I went trough ( I think Denmark is the most challenging place to obtain the driving license), your guidance ,friendly attitude and the patience had, indeed, been a great encouragement for me to get trough the exam. Thanuja

In exchanging my license from USA to Denmark, Andrija did an excellent job of assessing my driving and helping me work on the areas necessary to pass the danish test. I passed both the theory and practical tests thanks to his detailed yet simple teaching method. Thank you Andrija! Sameena Johnson

Hey’ this is jimmy garate. And i wanna thank you man for the great time we had at the scool, yuo are the best teacher ever. I an ejoying my car now, you know why?… Because thanks to yuo i got my driving licence… Yuo rock dude, well good luck andrija, if i ever loose my licence be sure you’ll see me there. Bye bye dude. Garate Jimmy

Dear Andrija As promised, my feedback on your driving school. By the way, congratulations on the new Køreskole! I would like to say that it’s a great school mainly because it allows such flexibility. You can join the theory classes as soon as you want and attend as often or as seldom as your schedule permits. Although we can self study on the online programmes we buy, it definitely helps attending the theory classes as Andrija offers great tips, not to mention the fun you can have with so many different nationalities in one room! As for the practical lessons, I’ve found that Andrija is a very hardworking and honest teacher. He is very meticulous about his teaching and all that you should look out for when you’re on the road. He has great experience with all the various examination areas and that helps to give the student a sense of confidence. He is always as happy as the student when they pass. Thank you so much for helping me pass so quickly. Best regards Kay Ling Yaw


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